Sunday, November 23, 2008

New items

As promised, I said I would post new items. Please enjoy our newest wood crafted collection of Doxies. A very unique tissue box and super adorable. Handmade by G.Juarez. A lot of hard work was put into this design. They are for sale, only $20 BUX!! They make great Christmas presents for all those Doxie lovers out there!!! This item may be purchased at

I managed to get my Doxie to model and he did a great job. A natural!I may have to start sending his picture in to a few modeling Here are the pics! Aren't these the cutest tissue boxes!!!!

There are two type of tissue boxes. Long box style & short box


  1. Such cute little guys!! Now I see where you model your work from! hehe ;)

  2. Too cute Marisol!!! I'm wondering if that is Jojo in the photos and what a doll!!! I was given a "Lovely Blog Award" and I can choose several other blogs to give them to, so I had to pick this one of yours!!! Check my blog out late this afternoon to see what I'm talking about!