Monday, January 12, 2009

Crafting away

Update for the week:

Valentine's Day: Hearts, cupcakes, chocolates and more, don't you just love all the decorations out for this holiday? Even if you don't have anyone, its still fun to give cutesy things to friends. And cutesy is exactly what I've in mind as I craft away. As I mentioned before I LOVE cupcake decorations, pens, charms and of course eating them is a plus! (except they have so many calories, they aren't sugar free or fat free) I've kept all 3 of these things in mind as I created some of these new little V-day decorations. I mean, why not create a cupcake that can look tasty but be calorie free, sugar free and fat free!New to The Trinket Trunk is.... "The Cupcake Collection".

made w/real cupcake paper

Pin Cushion

Also, featuring this month at The Trinket Trunk is "Grand-dogs Woodcrafts"! His latest design... a Doxie Jewelry box. (or can be used for any sort of storing of your choice) These are limited and are going fast so be sure to order yours soon! Don't forget the Doxie tissue boxes are still available. Order now!

There is NEVER enough time to craft so please be patient w/The Trinket Trunk as we begin to expand!
The Trinket Trunk junk in your trunk!
Grand-dogs Woodcrafts
Sweet Irie:
A few blogs ago I blogged about the treasures Sweet Irie has on I ordered my first key chain wristlet from her and I wanted to let everyone know how fabulous it is. Its so convenient too. The pictures on her website give the wristlets no just. They seem small on the pic but are really a lot bigger and helps keep your keys in place. I ordered the cupcake pattern (of course) and I'm loving it. Don't forget to check her blog out as well. She's always got great give aways. (i'm not there yet) so take advantage of her goodies
Browsing Etsy:
The other night I decided to search on Etsy for local "etsians"and I found some really cool stuff. Have you ever seen a "nacho" ring before? or better yet, have you seen a "teacup" ring before? I know what is a "nacho" ring or a "teacup" ring?... Well below you'll see pictures of these cute unique rings. The prices are reasonable and for a unique style, why not make a purchase. And yes, you guessed it... I did! Visit

This is the news of the week. Of course, there is more junk in the process and slowly but surely it will all be posted. Don't forget to tell you friends and family about The Trinket Trunk... My junk in your trunk!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! As this new year begins, one of my resolutions has been to try and blog more often and of course start crafting a lot more.The crafting part is coming along just great but the blogging , not so great! So here I am, trying to keep up with my blogging resolution and bring to you one of my first completed projects.

Sweet Irie has asked that I be a part of her blog give aways and I agreed. The theme is "cupcakes" and being that I"m a cupcake lover I got cupcake happy. I'm trying to create a cupcake "basket" which means it will be stuffed w/many cupcake goodies. The first item has been made and its a cupcake journal along with a matching cupcake pen. I think its super but you be the judge? In the works is matching v-day magnets, hair clip and ring. I'm working on the other items but here is what I have so far!

The journal is a regular "notebook" covered in cupcake fabric, accented with Valentine Day ribbon. I added a few heart jewels to make it more fun &cute. The base of the cupcake is actually real cupcake paper cut out to fit the base and curled the ribbon into tiny circles to fluff the cupcake frosting and of course the big circle jewel to represent the cherry on the cupcake......tadahhh!
Here is the matching pen. This is also handmade. I made a cupcake die-cut and stuffed it with cotton,sprinkled matching heart jewels and wavy ribbon. I added a cute v-day bow just for fun.

a close up of the ribbon that wraps around the pen.

I'm still working on fixing my pictures. I haven't perfected that yet so I may not give my creations justice!


Ok so now that you saw a little of what to expect, here is another awesome item in the works! Yes, its another design from G. Juarez! Please keep in mind this is not finished but its getting there. Isn't this the cutest???Now you can put away your jewels in your doxie jewelry box! Can't wait to see this finished!



Now I said I would start the year off blogging so here is some more updates! Last blog I bragged about Sweet Irie's shop! So here is the deal! If you log on to her shop,blog about her shop or simply purchase something from her shop you have a chance to win one of her cute wristlets key chains. In case you haven't taken a few minutes to check her blog out, when you're on my main page you will see a link to her blog or log onto and purchase one of her cute key chains. Let me show ya'll the one I got! I can't wait to receive it, its the cutest!!!


Ok, this is it for now... I promise I will start to blog at least once a week even if its for a quick update!