Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Featuring at The Trinket Trunk...

I just wanted to share with everyone some really great art work. Linda is actually got some really neat cards, magnets and just all sorts of stuff. You can check out all her art work at Here is some of her art that are my favorite because of the color and detail. Don't get me wrong, there is lots more to look at and all AWESOME!! Of course since I'm a Doxie fanatic, I had to buy the Dachshund. Again, let me remind you that all items are handmade, she DOES NOT use any sort of mold to create these figurines. One more special thing about Linda is that she's also from Houston! We really do have some talented people in Texas! Become a follower of Visual Smiles Gallery at

Isn't the Doxie soooo cute???? Really all her stuff is just awesome. Ok here's some more of her work.

I just love the detail on each item! And I still think its crazy that she uses no mold to create all this!

I love bright colors so this is one of my favorites as well! So don't forget to check out her store. You may find something that will blow you away!

Ok so what else has been going on in The Trinket Trunk World? There are several new items for sale. If you look on the right, there is a new spot where you can see all upcoming items on our site. Please log on to Don't forget to please spread the word as we continue to expand and let folks know about us! Of course, I'm in the process of finding some upcoming craft shows. I'm taking the summer off from school so that I can make some time for new crafts and become more involved in our store!

In addition, if you haven't noticed my blog is a lot more dressed up, all thanks to another wonderful website !!! Thanks to Jenny The Trinket Trunk now has a more "modern" banner and we don't look so plain! We're still working on adding more things here and there and w/the help of Jenny, I will hopefully get there! She also has scented candles for sale and you can check those out at !! You can also follow her blog at .

So there you have it gang! I introduced you to two wonderful and creative people so show some love and check out their blogs and their sites! There's nothing like handmade items!


Don't forget to leave comments of ideas for crafts, how we can expand/promote and what you think of our work so far. This helps us improve!! We take all compliments and critics so get involved and leave your comments!!!

Love always,

The Trinket Trunk

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've just returned from vacation and while I was out I got sooo many new ideas. In addition I"m in the process of finding someone to create a website for me so that my trinket trunk fans can buy not only crafts but some of the jewelry I sell on the side as well. I'm not sure how soon my site will be up and running but its in the works.

Please don't forget to spread the word about The Trinket Trunk. Also, yesterday I posted 2 new items on etsy so check that out as well. I'm slowly but surely trying to start my expansion and hopefully in due time I will be a little more than a "corner" store :)

Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on the release of my store. I will let everyone know when the GRAND OPENING will be. Meanwhile, its time for the craft shows to begin. Starting in June I will start doing craft shows again and will be looking for any artist willing to sell at a whole sale price to sell at my next show. Look forward to hearing from a few artist!