Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell Everyone

Hello gang! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have posted new items to purchase on etsy Don't forget to tell people about my little I try to include more crafts as often as possible. Its hard with school and work but I try. If you tell people about The Trinket Trunk and they purchase an item make sure to have them comment about who referred them to receive a 10% discount on their purchase. And if you read this blog and purchase an item, you too will receive a 10%discount. Make sure to send me a note that you read this blog to receive your discount.

I hope everyone is having a great week and please continue to spread the word as I try to expand!

Love always,
The Trinket Trunk :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Items

I've sort of abandoned my little blog. I'm almost finished with school and I will soon hope to have more time for crafting. I have posted new items at the The Trinket Trunk. Please take the time to log on and check out the few new items I've listed. I'm still in the making of some more and hope to complete those soon. Here are a few new pictures...